About Us

The Hoffmann Family

It was all John's idea! Front and center wearing yellow, John, aka Pop Pop, has been married to Rachael for 60 years. Together they have five children, sixteen grandchildren and two great grandchildren along with some really great sons and daughters in-law. Last but not least, a grandchild in-law, the funny and talented Michael Carpenter (in the pic with the monkey on his back) who happens to be the guy who designs our wine labels! We are spread far and wide, from California to Maryland, with our collective favorite place being anywhere we are all together. 

Cuzins' Camp

Cuzins' Camp is every Hoffmann grandchild's (and their parent's) favorite time of year. For two weeks each summer they all converge at Grandmother & Pop Pop's home on the shore of Lake Huron to create a new set of unforgettable memories. Camp Rules include: NO electronics, mandatory viewing of Gunsmoke before bed, buzz cuts for the boys, singing at retirement homes, campaigning for Pop Pop, marching in parades, golf and tennis lessons, poison ivy and daily trips to the ice cream store (permitted twice daily ONLY if the first one is before noon). The kids aren't just cousins, they are best friends too. 

Three Boys Rock?

The number one question we are asked is where we got the name for our wines. The answer is from Cuzins' Camp! The kids play on the big rocks just off shore Lake Huron and have subsequently named a few of them. Three Boys is a rock that is a bit of a swim and only three boys can go at a time because that is all that will fit on it for the well deserved break that is required before returning to shore. We also have Pirates...a rock that has marooned many an able seaman after nearly scuttling their sea-doo. We have a few more rocks in our pile but we will leave you in suspense as to what is coming next from Hoffmann Vineyards.